Salary and career advice to put you a step ahead. Gain Canadian professional work experience to better compete in a global economy. As stated on the federal government website, Canadian Government is Canada’s “Employer of Choice” and for good reason—few other employers in Canada can offer the range of opportunities… Your employer must meet all labour laws in the province or territory you plan to work including meeting minimum wage requirements. Regulations allow for different standard hours of work for certain industries and types of work, such as drivers in the trucking industry; employees on ships in the East Coast and Great Lakes shipping industry and the West Coast shipping industry; running trades employees in the railway industry; the commission salespersons in the broadcasting industry; and the commission-paid salespeople in the banking industry. If you don’t have them, you may not be able to board your flight to Canada. classified as a National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code Skill Type Level 0, A or B, Learn how to complete your IEC profile online, have a valid travel document, like a passport, have no criminal or immigration-related convictions, convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country, convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit. You can search for individual federal government employees, by department if you like, and it also provides useful inquiry numbers, as well as organization information. Your employer must meet all labour laws in the province or territoryyou … Others allow you to participate twice, but in different pools. your country or territory of citizenship must have an agreement with Canada that allows you to apply for an IEC work permit, You want to work for more than one employer in Canada, You want to work in more than one location, You’d like to earn some money so that you can travel, You have a job offer in Canada that contributes to your professional development, You’ll work for the same employer in the same location during your stay in Canada, you’re a student registered at a post-secondary institution, you have a job offer for a work placement or internship in Canada, you need to do this work placement or internship to complete your studies, you’ll work for the same employer in the same location during your stay in Canada. If a driver is uncertain whether a particular survey applies to them, they should contact their local Labour Program office. The country has been a functional democracy for nearly 150 years, and Canadians are proud of their history as a free people with a government that generally respects their wishes and protects their rights. Depending on which country you’re from, you can choose from up to 1, 2 or 3 pools of travel and work experiences: Fund your vacation with temporary work in Canada. Find out what happens from when you submit your application to when you get to Canada and where biometrics fits in the process. Managers and professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects and engineers, are exempt from overtime.

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