Sarah's face as she watched the video files, recounting her relationship with Charles Irving Bartowski; Chuck's face as he sat in their dream home, talking about the first time they really kissed; the two of them as they sat on that beach at the end, talking and laughing and crying and just being so right together -- that all worked like gangbusters. Jeff and Lester weren't about to let their pop-music career pass them by, but before they exited the Buy More, we got one single tear from Canada's most notable Hinjew.

We would definitely save money to go to the movie theater to see Chuck the movie.

Hopefully the show will live on in other areas too.Do you think this was this the finale that fans wanted?Fedak: I hope so. Just finished watching all five seasons on Amazon Prime. Everyone should watch the entire show again, it gets a lot better, from one of the best shows ever, to the BEST SHOW EVER. The "recovering Sarah's memory" story gave real stakes to the finale because we are that invested in Chuck and Sarah's hard-won happiness. Photo Credits: NBC; Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, Dastardly guest stars!Perilous missions! By the end, they deserved each other, in the best possible way. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. We wanted to bring in a bunch of people, but as we put these episodes together, there was too much story. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Part of HuffPost Entertainment. Get all the latest election results from across the country, with up-to-the-minute maps and more. Still, Pellegrino got one good line: "The Ring. Was it like riding a bike?Fedak: As we were working on the episode, that was not the most important thing. It is so sad we never got a movie to bring full closure to Sarah's lost memory. Anything less will get you killed. I was watching it next to some writers who used to be on the show but are no longer, and so they hadn't seen these episodes, and they were freaking out, very stressed-out.I loved seeing the old places, like the Wienerlicious...Schwartz: It's really helpful to watch the pilot before watching these two episodes.... and also the El Compadre restaurant... that is, the El Compadre-esque restaurant in Germany.Schwartz: It's very El Compadre-esque. And in terms of just plain old "Chuck"-tastic goodness, I just loved, loved, loved the Jeffster sequence at the concert hall. Sure, Quinn was another in a long line of bragging villains with eeevil intentions, but he was a mere device to get us to care about whether Chuck and Sarah would rebuild their relationship. "Unleash the perverts!". Chuck getting the Intersect back was not something that we have to do this. But for us, we'd like a happy ending. Zac and Yvonne doing some of their best work (and that's saying something)? I suppose having Chuck nervously greet her was more appropriate, but I enjoyed how the hot-person-entering-the-Buy-More became a running joke on the show. It's crazy to imagine his character from that pilot being the guy here in Season 5 with the daughter. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Everybody was in the lobby for hours after it ended.Fedak: Nobody wanted to go home. We've spent five years investing in the relationship of these crazy kids, and right here at the end, they were going to take that away from us? Think about these things in the context of who these people were at the start of Season 1: In the finale, John Casey was wearing a World's Greatest Dad apron and scrubbing the kitchen floor that his roommate Morgan Grimes had dirtied ("You really think I've changed? Throughout the finale, Sarah's memories were slowly returning -- and I believe they would have returned in full over time, because I want to believe that. I know the pop music on the soundtrack of "Chuck" gets a lot of attention (as well it should, thanks to Alexandra Patsavas' great work as the music supervisor), but I think composer Tim Jones did a terrific job in the finale, especially when Chuck and Sarah were in the dream house (his tender piano music was just right). There was part of me that wanted the gang to have one last victory lap, in which they would defeat some amusing or mildly scary villain and then ride off into the sunset; but at its best, "Chuck" has woven real emotions and real consequences into its best spy stories. Farewell to Chuck Part 5: : Life after ChuckWhat songs were rejected for the big Jeffster! Bring back Chuck!! But in that final moment where he would have that decision, that's when we were like, the Intersect is important that he would have to choose between giving Sarah her memories back and saving the data.Casey had his moment hugging Chuck at the end. and will we ever see Bobby again? Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 12 of "Chuck," entitled "Chuck Versus Sarah," or Season 5, Episode 13 (the series finale) of "Chuck," entitled "Chuck Versus the Goodbye" on NBC.

In this one, it's Vik [Sahay] all through it. How could I resist any of that? That is indisputably awesome. There was too much we wanted to cover. We got one last outing for the Nerd Herder during the Ellie chase scene.

It's amazing.So we've just lived the past five years of these characters' lives. Nice. My family misses Chuck.

Especially in recent seasons, he was not only the audience's surrogate (the show's Hurley, if you will), he was so funny and so delightfully enthused about everything. Maybe a backup intersect etc. What amateurs." Were you surprised that Sarah didn't get her memories back? "You're a wonder, Harry!". Sarah coming out of the ocean looking particularly fierce. Just as Sarah got to fall in love with Chuck all over again, we got to fall in love with their relationship once more, and revisit all its highs and lows in so many different ways. The fact that he's a regular guy, he's not going to shoot somebody in the back. Farewell to Chuck Part 3: Cast sheds tears, share favorite memoriesHow emotional was this for you two? I'm going to miss that woman on my television screen.

Chuck still has his Orion arm band which could lead to unending possibilities. ... Quote: Give the people what they want and bring back chuck. Fedak: One of my favorite memories over the years is sitting with Josh at his computer and going through iTunes, selecting songs for the Jeffster performances... That was super fun. Zach and Yvonne knew exactly what they were doing. Another good part was the comic relief goofballs, Jeffster. A favorite line, thanks to the way Zac delivered it: "Everyone keeps telling me Sarah's gone, but she's not. Quote: I thought if the series had continued, the obvious next step would be for Ellie to make a type of intersect that could help Sarah regain her memories. Thanks not just for communing with those of us in the media during five years of ups and downs (and more ups than downs, I'd say); but thank you also for several years of delightful Comic-Con and C2E2 panels, for lots of good give-and-take on Twitter and for always being frisky and smart in comment areas. Yvonne brought so much heart and ass-kicking awesomeness to the role of Sarah, and she could be dryly funny too. True to form, they still kept up with the fans who made the continuation of the series possible. He's there however she needs him.

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