After video emerged on social media showing Tokyo police officers roughing up a Turkish immigrant, Ramazan Celik, during a traffic stop, Kento Suzuki, who volunteers at a detention center where asylum seekers and other foreigners are held, organized two protests.

Executives say the biggest threat to their companies’ survival is the growing labor and skills shortage. The Hikikomori problem is real for anyone living in Japan over some time.

The country’s insularity has generated not just overt and unconscious bias against people abroad, but also a distrust of foreigners who come to Japan.

Jesper Koll is the senior adviser to Wisdomtree Investments and is consistently ranked as a top Japan strategist/economist. A clip showed African-Americans as overly muscled, music-playing, looting caricatures, and presented the protests as the product of frustration with economic disparity and the coronavirus, without mentioning police brutality.

The 33-year-old engineer, who works for a technology company in Tokyo, had only two days of holiday last year. The average worker still has dozens of untaken vacation days every year.

And the largely homogeneous population has often resisted acknowledging difference or engaging in the kind of introspection about racism and inequality that is playing out in the United States. “Japan is starting to change. However, this change is not easy.”. Measuring the competitiveness of an industry is easy. “Social surveys indicate that younger workers are significantly less likely to support long workdays than older workers,” he says. They will not say anything directly to that person but they will speak ill of that person behind their back.

More specifically, economists measure the concentration of revenues controlled by the top-players, i.e., the market share of the industry leaders. She did find physical security in Japan, where crime rates are low and police killings are rare. While Komuro describes the Work Style Reform Bill as a “huge step in the history of Japanese labour law”, the low rate of taken holiday leave is clearly just one element among many that need addressing in order to modernise the nation’s work culture. After pushback on Twitter, NHK apologized and took the clip down. The reality of trying to change Japan’s work habits, however, is challenging – particularly when they are so deeply engrained in society, as reflected in a Vacation Deprivation study on annual leave in workforces around the world from Expedia, the travel booking company. There’s an in between group who can reasonably function at work but have a very limited social life, let alone marry and have kids. Politically and socially, much of this was justified by the post-bubble fears of rising unemployment. “One day in April for my daughter’s elementary school enrolment ceremony; and two half days in November, for a school parents’ day and a recital,” he says. He publishes blogs at . 3. Most of the comments were overwhelmingly supportive. His outlook is echoed by Tsuyoshi, 38, a front desk chief in a restaurant business in Gunma prefecture, who “has not checked” his leave entitlement, despite working there for over four years. 2. “Of course, we want to talk about American issues, and Black Lives Matter is an American thing,” said Ms. Todd, 19, who is studying at Temple University’s campus in Tokyo.

Japan's Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control was enacted in 1967 and the Environment Agency was established four years later.

Many of the “Japanification” problems can be explained by Japan’s unique ability to feed ever-more relentless competition. “But racism still exists in Japan.”. As an example, she describes how she helped one major Japanese corporation create a more open environment where workers felt comfortable discussing how they wanted to change their work style – something which is still taboo in many traditional companies. “I’ve never thought about the impact to my family, health or wellbeing. The Japan Times LTD. All rights reserved. More than 300 lanterns were lit, each with workers’ messages describing their feelings about not having taken their full holiday quote over the years – some incredulous, some heartbreaking, all regretful. Air pollution is a serious environmental problem in Japan, particularly in urban centers. A structural boom is expected in mergers and acquisitions, with more and more corporate leaders embarking on roll-ups, buying smaller competitors and consolidating their industries. The simple answer is demographics. Buying your competitor is the most obvious solution. ‘I cannot be the only person taking time off work’. Those CEOs who see this opportunity and lead the charge are poised to become big winners. It is easier to just work rather than them saying bad things about me or being told off.”, ‘Karoshi’, or death from overwork, is an ongoing issue within Japan’s extreme work culture (Credit: Getty Images). Past decades have been haunted by a relentless rise in competition, with many policy programs targeting the support of low-productive “zombie companies” at the expense of suppressing superstars and national champions. In contrast, Japan has no performance superstars because of de facto excessive competition at home.

Ms. Albritton has experienced incidences of racism in Japan, such as when a man in the street shouted “you’re so gross,” or when a casting agent for a modeling job asked her to demonstrate a “Black handshake” at an audition. This assertion may run counter to the standard mythology, in which Japan is often described as a kind of “socialism that works.” But a look at the facts leaves no doubt that Japan, not America, is the world’s beacon of free market competition.

Many of the “Japanification” problems can be explained by Japan’s unique ability to feed ever-more relentless competition. Exploring the reasons behind Japan’s low rate of annual leave, Komuro explans: “When we dig in deeper, it is not necessarily that they are understaffed, but the fact is that they cannot help each other, as they are not used to doing so and are not trained to do so.”, “We have worked with over 1,000 organisations [in Japan] and once employees get used to communicating with each other positively, sharing information within the team, helping each other, and confirming that taking days off would not impact their evaluation negatively, they start taking more holiday leave.”. In the U.S., a comparable analysis suggests approximately 35 percent of each market is locked up by the top four players (on average across all industries as classified by the U.S. corporate census). So make no mistake: America has moved away from being “free market” while Japan has become the role model and de facto global champion of free market capitalism.

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