0000055653 00000 n Kentucky also saw cuts, although smaller, to its environmental staffing and budget. In addition to direct human inputs that impact water quality of Lake Michigan, biomass decomposition in the sediments often generates chemicals that make the water taste and smell bad. Built with the Largo WordPress Theme from the Institute for Nonprofit News. At a public hearing on Dec. 18 where a packed house turned out, largely in opposition to the permit, representatives from the agency agreed to look into concerns over the company’s reporting.

Albert Ettinger, a lawyer who specializes in water pollution issues and is working with the Sierra Club on the fight, argued these drastic measures are too burdensome on the local environment. 0000004300 00000 n

“We believe coal should be valued for its reliability and resiliency and in particular for being a source of secure on-site fuel.

%PDF-1.4 %���� Tabitha Tripp, an environmental activist in southern Illinois, got involved in the fight against Williamson because friends living on the banks of the Big Muddy River were concerned that mine waste would mix with or worsen floodwater. With water quality in the national spotlight, we get a lot of questions about water quality in major US cities. Estimation of perceptions about pollution in Springfield, IL.

0000045019 00000 n 0000267826 00000 n 0000055622 00000 n This practice reduces the likelihood that lead-containing particles are swept into the water as it flows through the pipes. 0000116765 00000 n He and Bruce Stevens, president of the Indiana Coal Council, both said their organizations support the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s resilience docket that could prop up coal power. 0000055506 00000 n … We are hopeful FERC will take meaningful action,” Stevens wrote in an email. Drop us a line at support@hydroviv.com, 5 Most Important Things To Know About Chromium 6 In Drinking WaterHow To Filter Chromium 6 From Drinking WaterSummary of Problems With Chicago Tap Water, We understand you may still have some questions.

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The American Lung Association’s 2019 “State of the Air” report found that the city had a yearly average of 14 “unhealthy ozone days” from 2015-17, which represents the most recent comprehensive set of data on ozone pollution throughout the country.

0000002951 00000 n He has reported on mining, energy policy and agriculture in the U.S., southern Africa and the Caribbean. Additionally, Murray Energy Corp., which is in bankruptcy proceedings, holds a controlling interest in Foresight. “And that, sadly, is what we’re asking the state to consider when we’re asking to keep it in the ground.”. trailer <]/Prev 771017/XRefStm 2759>> startxref 0 %%EOF 774 0 obj <>stream © Copyright 2020. 0000092309 00000 n 0000227587 00000 n In Chicago, about 80% of water service lines city-wide are made of lead, so a large portion of the population should consider taking steps to ensure their family's safety. 0000075330 00000 n 0000034884 00000 n Water pollution is the release of substances into bodies of water that makes water unsafe for human use and disrupts aquatic ecosystems.

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0000024663 00000 n Water in Dos Palos, California has toxic chemicals linked to cancer and kidney problems. 0000070494 00000 n “Just in the past year, producers have closed or idled mines that produced almost nine million tons of coal in 2018.

0000055728 00000 n z��������0�"��-��iU�@� ���*�gn��;�c�0m��[��N�p��S{"��Q�R�Ů��g�`�p����c�HOo��m���kW;�.�8ʸɱP,3��é��oD%a�p�x��ؤ22Aeq. 0000034341 00000 n The Illinois EPA considers all surface water sources of public water supply to be susceptible to potential pollution problems. Between 2008 and 2018, 21 states cut at least 10% of their staff regulating polluters, according to a December report published by the Environmental Integrity Project, an advocacy group created by former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency attorneys. Mandatory treatment includes coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. 0000022569 00000 n “In a market that’s shrinking, the low-cost producer is going to prevail,” he said, “and our coal operators have proven over the last several years at being pretty good at that.”. 0000117989 00000 n 0000118743 00000 n “These threats are already having a major impact in the region,” wrote the report’s authors, Feaster and transition policy analyst Karl Cates. 0000118818 00000 n In southern Illinois, coal mining company Williamson Energy LLC is embroiled in a battle with locals and environmentalists over a permit it has requested to dump water from its Pond Creek Mine into the Big Muddy River, a Mississippi River tributary.

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We are partial to the technology that we use in our system, but reverse osmosis will also work. US News ranks states according to pollution and pollution health risk.

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