73% of US workers put work-life balance ahead of salary. (Owl Labs), 75% of employees say they are more productive working remotely because of fewer distractions. Salaries that exceed $100,000 per year are 2.2 times more common for remote workers. However, the number of telecommuters is increasing.
(Gallup), Over 1/3 of employees would accept a pay cut of up to 5% in exchange for the option to work from home at least some of the time, 1/4 would accept a 10% pay cut, and 20% would accept an even greater cut.

(AirTasker), About 51% of workers are actively looking for a new job or are open to one.

(Princeton University / Harvard University), Almost 70% of Millennials would be willing to sacrifice other benefits for more flexible work arrangements. That reality, along with the fact that many remote workers can set their own hours, will firmly close the door on traditional workdays. A future where businesses and happy, productive employees will thrive.

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Work from home stats clearly demonstrate that, when compared to those working the same job on-site, telecommuters earn more, regardless of the pay bracket. (Flex Jobs), 69% of employers offer remote work on an ad hoc basis to at least some employees, 42% offer it part-time, and 27% offer it full time.

Remote Work and Telecommuting Statistics for 2020; Remote Work and Telecommuting Statistics for 2020.

Over half of the workforce, there is now telecommuting at least once a month. See perfect resume examples that get you jobs. Learn how to write a Cover Letter that lands you jobs. See perfect CV examples that get you jobs.

A survey carried out by FlexJobs revealed that in 2018, 22% of telecommuters worked from somewhere outside their office more than in 2017. These remote work statistics leave no doubt that telecommuting is the future. show that executives are also highly likely to choose this option if offered. Telecommuters’ yearly income is $4,000 higher than that of non-telecommuters. Better work-life balance is why 91% of remote workers choose to work from home. Leaving employees to figure out how to deal with remote working on their own is a practice business owners should definitely avoid, as it can be more costly than investing in their training. 57% of employees in the financial industry can work from home (U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics) It’s no surprise that the largest portion of people who can and do work from home are in finance.

Telecommuting, or telework/e-commuting, is a type of work arrangement that doesn’t require employees to be physically present in an office. This is what the gig economy looks like in numbers.

In the past ten years, 83% of businesses have introduced a flexible workspace policy, or are planning to adopt one. 0. 13. Nowadays, more than two-thirds of remote workers don’t think that not being in the office physically will have some negative effect on their career development. With freelancing on the rise, many have sought to measure exactly how many people are taking advantage of the gig economy. (Gallup), 30% of home buyers indicated that a commute between 15 and 29 minutes was their max.

The time of the pandemic will surely reshape the way in which some organizations approach flexible work arrangements. But the truth is, work from home isn’t a recent phenomenon. What percentage of companies allow telecommuting? (Buffer), Remote workers attend more weekly meetings than on-site workers.
(Buffer), 75% of remote employees say their employers don't cover their home internet costs. work-life balance is a thing that US workers appreciate greatly, 24 Thrilling Telecommuting Statistics for 2020.

show that doing your job from a place outside the office does come with some drawbacks.

06/20/2020. In just a year, between 2017 and 2018, those who telecommute spent 22% more time working from home. .

Work from home statistics show that doing your job from a place outside the office does come with some drawbacks. (OWL Labs) Flexible work arrangements have been there for a while and people have grown to appreciate their benefits. But how many people work from home? The recent coronavirus disease outbreak has caused a huge part of the workforce to participate in what Bloomberg dubbed the world's largest work-from-home experiment. (Global Workplace Analytics), From 2016 to 2017, remote work grew by 7.9%.

Dell saves $12 million a year in real estate costs by encouraging remote work. 27% of workers find their commute to be a waste of time. 17.

The economic turbulence caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many to either turn to or turn away from gig work.

Here are some of the most commonly listed reasons for working from home: According to telework statistics, increased productivity is one of the major benefits of telecommuting. We already mentioned that telecommuters are more likely to earn over $100,000 per year. As you can see, flexible work arrangements statistics testify to the fact that work from home is a widespread phenomenon. (Premiere Global Services), Almost 3/4 respondents maintain that flexible work arrangements help them with striking the right work-life balance. 28% of workers would accept a pay cut for the opportunity to telecommute. Remote work has undisputed benefits: you don’t need to waste half an hour commuting to the office, you can plan your day and spend more time with your family. show that nine out of 10 American workers would gladly accept the opportunity to telecommute, but in reality, not many of them are offered this option as full-time workers. On the other hand, 23% of their peers fear it might be a setback. Use our expert guides to improve your CV writing. Maciej Duszyński. Have you ever asked yourself what career success really means? Companies that embrace telecommuting tend to increase their employee retention rates by over 10%. (SHRM), About 40% of remote workers agree that a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit of working remotely.

(SurePayroll), 15% of remote workers admit that their boss distracted them from work.

Currently, the average employee working from home demonstrates increased productivity in 65% of the cases. A study conducted by Owl Labs found that many workers feel that even one day of remote work can leave them feeling happier. Employee recognition is essential. 24. The benefits of working remotely outweigh its disadvantages. Working remotely full-time is 66% more common in the US than average.

Key Remote Work Statistics Remote Work Is Increasing.

In fact, compared to their peers working on-site, 18% more executives work remotely. There are 4.7 million telecommuters in the US. Working remotely full-time is 66% more common in the US than average. is most common in the healthcare industry. Over the last five years, it grew by 44% and over the previous decade, it grew by 91%. . Also, 51% say they would switch to a job that allows them flextime.

(Global Workplace Analytics), 56% of employees have a job in which at least some of the tasks could be done remotely. Use our expert guides to improve your Cover Letter writing.

We’d love to hear from you. 38% of remote workers never received any training.

Fewer distractions, improved engagement, and less stress are just a few reasons for boosts in productivity at home. Remote work is becoming one of the most sought after benefits for people searching for a job. As data on millennials in the workplace shows, they are the demographic group most prone to this type of thinking. A study conducted by Remote.co found that women have more leadership roles in remote companies than in traditional brick-and-mortar ones. Telecommuting studies from 2017 found that telecommuting doesn’t only benefit workers and employers; it also helps protect the planet.

With 25% of their workers working from home, Dell cuts its costs by $12 million a year. How popular is telecommuting actually? The stats we’ve collected clearly show that work from home is not a new phenomenon. The major areas where remote workers see significant savings are: It’s not just the employee who can save money.

Remote work has undisputed benefits: you don’t need to waste half an hour commuting to the office, you can plan your day and spend more time with your family.

, or remote worker, is the term used to describe this type of worker. Maciej Duszynski is a career advice writer and a resume expert at ResumeLab. In just a year, between 2017 and 2018, those who telecommute spent 22% more time working from home.

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