Episode(s) 8.16 Remember the Titans: History.

He is credited for the creation of man from clay, and enabling the progress of civilization by stealing fire from Mount Olympus for the benefit of humanity. Sam and Dean take his body into the woods and give him a Hunter's Funeral.

Arthur does, instead, and Freudian slips about Mary before informing the Winchesters that they now answer to him. Castiel, in short, is still unreachable.

This week's Supernatural, "Remember the Titans", taps into Greek Mythology for an entertaining tale about Prometheus, his deadly curse, and the god who put it on him, Zeus.But after so many Men of Letters stories, are Sam and Dean ready for the return of Castiel and God's trials? His actions gave humanity some protection from the things in the dark and according to Zeus, caused the Greek gods to lose their hold on the world. And after a synchronous scuffle with Sam at the meatpacking plant, it seems the beast is slain.

The family business." When he asks who she is, she tells him that she is his worst nightmare before disappearing. That night, while he is sleeping, Artemis attacks him with a dagger capable of permanently killing him, but a confused Prometheus manages to fight her off.

It’s empty. After he died of a heart attack while having sex with her, Hayley fled and Prometheus ended up living in Montana for a few years until two pot farmers chased him off. Prometheus is a Greek Titan (a proto-god) who stole the Flames of Olympia to give the ability to create fire back to mankind after Zeus took it away. In the basement of the Sheriff’s family mansion, a medieval butcher/torture room is uncovered.

At a warehouse, Sam and Dean summon and trap Zeus and ask him to break the curse on Oliver.

And, fortunately, the Sheriff himself!

Zeus only agrees to do it if they break the trap and tricks Hayley into breaking it.

The next morning, a deputy finds his dead body with the eagle eating his liver and when the deputy goes to call his death in, Prometheus comes back to life and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ketch is exploring the premises.

As Zeus taunts him about enjoying watching Prometheus die over and over and planning to chain Oliver to the mountain to take his place, Prometheus pushes the arrow through himself and into Zeus, killing him in a blast of electricity.

The next morning, Prometheus comes back to life and is surprised to find Hayley there with his son Oliver who's existence he was unaware of.

If that sounds just weird enough for Thursday night television, settle in for season 12, episode 18 of Supernatural.

Dean is locked up in the house, but Sam is off trying to track his cell phone. Hangin in my trailer with #supernatural reruns and some great causes!

'Supernatural' recap: Dean and Sam come to blows over Jack's sacrifice, and a big twist is revealed about the plan to kill God. Sam rushes to the rescue, but his brother is knocked out cold. Oh, and Arthur Ketch is doing a little exploring of his own.

Zeus summons Artemis who stops Sam and Dean from killing him and has her take them away while he tortures Prometheus. What did you think of tonight’s Supernatural episode? Let us know in the comments!

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