In one of the most-quoted passages of medieval Georgian literature, the 9th-century writer Giorgi Merchule asserts: “And Kartli consists of that spacious land in which the liturgy and all prayers are said in the Georgian language. Capital

Similarly, the toponym Gorjestān (Georgia) was usually used in Persian in the narrower sense of Kartli. Known to the Classical authors as Iberia, Kartli played a crucial role in the ethnic and political consolidation of the Georgians in the Middle Ages. When Nader Shah died in 1747, Teimuraz II and Heracli… In 1762, Kartli was united with the neighboring eastern Georgian kingdom of Kakheti into a single state, which placed itself under the Russian protectorate in 1783, but it suffered the devastating Persian invasion in 1795, when Agha Mohammad Khan of Persia's newly established Qajar dynasty sought to bring Georgia again under Persian hegemony.

General information The root kar occurs in numerous placenames across Georgia and, in the view of Melikishvili, displays semantic similarity with the Indo-European prototype; cf.

From the early 16th century, according to the 1555 Peace of Amasya, these two kingdoms were under Iranian control.

Kingdom of Kartli-Kakhetiball was a kingdom in Georgia, it was created after the unification of Kingdom of Kartli and the Kingdom of Kakheti. The medieval chronicler characteristically renders this name with the Greek nominative suffix –ος (os), as Stephen H. Rapp of Georgia State University (Atlanta) assumes, "in order to impart the account with a sense of antiquity".[2]. [3] When Nader Shah died in 1747, Teimuraz II and Heraclius II capitalized on the instability in Iran proper, and declared de facto independence. [16] As the Cambridge History of Iran notes; "Russia's client, Georgia, had been punished, and Russia's prestige, damaged." Enemies

The infiltration of several ancient, chiefly Anatolian, tribes into the territory of modern-day Georgia and their fusion with the autochthons played a decisive role in this process. Kingdom of Kartli-Kakhetiballქართლ-კახეთის სამეფო (V century) – Georgian architect of earlier Feudal Era is distinguished for strict monuments of interior – main attention is paid to the internal special pictorial design. Pursuant to article VI of the 1783 treaty, Emperor Paul confirmed David’s claim to reign as the next king on April 18, 1799.

Heraclius II himself died a year after that.

[4] He exercised executive, legislative, and judicial authority and closely supervised the activities of government departments.

He became the new Georgian king of a politically united eastern Georgia for the first time in three centuries.

With the consolidation of the Arab rule in Tbilisi in the 8th century, the political center of Kartli shifted to its southwest, but the Georgian literati of that time afforded to Kartli a broader meaning to denote all those lands of medieval Georgia that were held together by religion, culture, and language. Museum of Ioseb Stalin, Leader of Soviet Union in Gori, Georgia was established in 1937.

There is wonderful nature in Kartli – there are lots of resort cities, including high mountainous city Surami carrying special importance. [6], The formation of Kartli and its people, the Kartveli (ქართველი) is poorly documented. [4] In 1762, he succeeded his father as king of Kartli, and with already being king of Kakheti, eastern Georgia thus became politically unified for the first time in three centuries.

Name “Kartli” is associated with the name of legendary ancestor of Georgian people Kartlos and Biblical Noah.

In one of the most-quoted passages of medieval Georgian literature, the 9th-century writer Giorgi Merchule asserts: "And Kartli consists of that spacious land in which the liturgy and all prayers are said in the Georgian language.

Flag Stealer! By that time, Georgia experienced a high degree of civil instability, feudal separatism, and civil wars. By annexing the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, the Russian Empire violated the Treaty of Georgievsk signed between the Russian Empire and the Georgian Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti in 1783.

The only monument and hut has been kept in Georgia, where he was born. [4] However, despite these large concessions made to Russia, Heraclius II was successful in retaining internal autonomy in his kingdom.

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