Myth 1: The pay and benefits of a government job always score over those of private jobs. You can retire after 20 years with the federal government—very similar to the military. Printable version | Nov 3, 2020 1:57:14 PM | The excitement of the unknown can be what drives some people. These federal employee benefits include health benefits, vacation, sick leave, paid (especially federal) holidays, retirement, steady and consistent raises, etc. George then talks about location. Unless you go to work for a large corporation, benefits may not be as generous as the federal sector would offer. Contact us Today! What about you? The pay commission revisions, especially the last two (6 th and 7 th), have also managed to elevate public sector salaries to well within the status of lucrative private sector salaries. This is huge, and was a common theme from those that added to the conversation. For example, the Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society hired personnel for positions ranging from social worker to a director on contract basis. It can also be exactly what keeps others away from private sector jobs. The government is working on deliberate policies to deal with non-performers.
The reality is that government jobs have quite competitive entry-level salaries. With so many young talented professionals eager to work with them, many pharma, retail, IT and ITeS companies, met their expansion goals and are still flourishing. At entry-level, State government jobs pay the best salaries, not the lowest. Watch | How is the U.S. President elected? In some cases, when benefits were added to his salary, the result was much more. The salary was up to Rs. In addition, the government is considering outsourcing some of the jobs to the private sector. Advice is offered from members of the group, many of whom have been in the very same battle between the federal and civilian worlds. For example, have you considered schools for the kids? As we fight disinformation and misinformation, and keep apace with the happenings, we need to commit greater resources to news gathering operations. As a general rule, the federal sector tends to have better benefits.

However, we have a request for those who can afford to subscribe: please do. Well, the reality is different. In real estate, it’s ALL about location. Your support for our journalism is invaluable. A career in the private sector may be tough in the initials stages, but over a period, it earns good rewards for those who are worth it. If you’ve ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place, then you’ll relate to this immediately. But first, some context to get us started: the original question from LinkedIn that got the ball rolling: “The private sector is offering a temporary position that could lead to a permanent position, but the federal is offering a permanent position with full benefits, better location, and job security. That set me thinking about job preferences some 20 years ago. Benefits are a crucial part of the federal job vs. private sector job conversation. These federal employee benefits include health benefits, vacation, sick leave, paid (especially federal) holidays, retirement, steady and consistent raises, etc. They would settle for a private job only if they don’t get through the recruitment process for government organisations and PSUs! Most of all, it comes with ‘job security’, even though the pay is low compared to a job in the private sector. As I said earlier, the ability to add your military time to a federal retirement can be a huge selling point for federal employment—as well as job security.

The reason behind this new-found craze for government jobs is a misconception in the minds of today’s youth.

The down economy, budget cuts, and many other factors have caused people to become a bit less optimistic about job security. Not a pleasant thought for some people. We also reiterate here the promise that our team of reporters, copy editors, fact-checkers, designers, and photographers will deliver quality journalism that stays away from vested interest and political propaganda. On the other hand, the private sector may not have the benefits package that a federal position offers. 20,000! Many federal positions are located on the East Coast, so it’s got to be a place that you’d be happy living—and commuting. But the question of public sector vs. private sector jobs, I think, is a familiar one—and one worth discussing. George had a common dilemma when considering salary.

Any advice?”. A few days ago, I was talking to a group of fresh graduates — engineers and MBAs. So, a job that provides attractive salary today will become a liability within 10- 15 years. Latest government jobs offered have seen a better response from the public due to the unsecured job style of the private sectors. It’s all about how you define job satisfaction and how your family fits into that definition. Some excellent points made by a group of caring and experienced individuals. Some of us can’t think that far ahead, let alone the next five years. Why is there so much craze for government jobs? And what about quality of life? The possibility of really enjoying the private sector has me hesitating, but the security and benefits of the federal for my family is really important.

A couple of common phrases buried in the discussion were these: “Follow your heart!” and “Go with your gut!” Enough said on that!

Some would argue that work in the civilian sector is more satisfying—especially if you plan to start your own business. What are the Assessment Questions for Federal Jobs? As a general rule, the federal sector tends to have better benefits. But others considered a regular pay raise and other security factors huge in their long-term plan. A competent employee, working in a private company, can move up to the level of AVP or VP within 15 years. It’s a tough decision, as there are benefits to both. Some considered it impossible to gain job satisfaction from a federal situation. And if you go to work for a small business, a startup, or if you start your own business, benefits can be pretty darn scarce. Jobs in government and private sectors come with their advantages and disadvantages. And then there’s the dreaded commute. America’s Leading and Most Trusted Resume Writing, Career Coaching and Training Team!

This means, now, government employees not performing their duties duly, misbehaving and taking work casually can no longer hold on to their jobs. You have reached your limit for free articles this month.

George received plenty of advice from folks who had been there, done that. That’s significant. We promise to deliver quality journalism that stays away from vested interest and political propaganda. Myth 2 – Government jobs are less demanding, have no targets and are ‘permanent’. He makes more money now on the federal side but potentially more down the road with the civilian job. You could potentially spend several hours, every day, in traffic. We have been keeping you up-to-date with information on the developments in India and the world that have a bearing on our health and wellbeing, our lives and livelihoods, during these difficult times. At entry-level, State government jobs pay the best salaries, not the lowest. The question remains, and will likely be around until the end of human existence. So, not all government jobs will be ‘permanent’ anymore. In fact, following instructions from Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha that called for a review of non-performing officers, the Department of Personnel and Training has already come up with detailed guidelines to deal with non-performers and officers of doubtful integrity. Minimum education criterion for the posts was Class X or XII. CareerPro Global specializes in federal, military transition, and Senior Executive Service resumes and application packages. This is absolutely true. Government jobs are no longer cushy as they used to be once. For this reason, CareerProPlus also offers career transition coaching. As years roll, what a government employee earns along with the ‘benefits’ he enjoys, is far less than what his private counterpart gets. Has anyone else had to make this choice? Pandemic claims Hyderabad’s beloved bookstore, 30 Indian cities will face ‘water risk’ by 2050: report, Kumbalanghi’s nature lovers save a darter in distress, 8,000 houses converting wet waste into compost in Mangaluru, Crossword blog #169 | Figure out what you want before placing your bet, Traffic cops of space: This Canadian company is addressing the issue of space debris, Will be impossible for Dhoni to perform if he decides on playing only IPL: Kapil Dev, 4 killed in Vienna shooting; attacker sympathised with IS, Congress urges Centre to take up with Bangladesh attacks on Hindus, I retire, not from game, but COVID-19 negativity and fear, tweets Sindhu, Priyanca Radhakrishnan becomes New Zealand’s first-ever Indian-origin minister, U.S. presidential election: Trump vows to disprove polls, Biden urges 'take back our democracy', Signs of easing: On India’s COVID-19 fight, The shifting trajectory of India’s foreign policy, A fierce contest: On U.S. election results, Gilgit-Baltistan a part of India, says MEA.

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