Shipment will be confirmed as we send out your order. Tracks: Animal Hate/Solar Logic/Tamarisk/New Take–Notkar/Longing Song/Wind, Sand, Sea and Stars/Unborn/Here I Am, Here I Am/Juniper/Ill-Star/All In the Rainy Morn/You Turn from Me/Long Gon Pa. ❖ First album of all-new Eyeless In Gaza material since 2014’s Mania Sour. Caustic, 3.

Becker and Bates oversaw an extensive release and re-mastering programme of the Eyeless Cherry Red period recordings for Cd release – including several compilations. (Thanks Alain!

Released September 23rd, 2016. Where being ‘alone’ takes on an almost religious intensity .Where you are connected to the Quiet, the calm, the silence. Release date: 15th September 2006.

(Click to listen or right-click to choose to download the tracks.) Ellis, for A-Scale. )”, Eyeless In Gaza are back in the recording studio in Berlin (August 6th 2009). It’s fair to say that the birth of Summer Salt & Subway Sun has proved to be amongst the most chequered in the 26 year history of Eyeless in Gaza, which was some three years in the making (following on from 2000’s Song of the Beautiful Wanton and 2003’s collaboration with Lol Coxhill, Country Bizarre). Once again, Bates’ watchword here would seem to be his old by-line of Love is a Gift – albeit a ‘gift’, it would seem, that is very much concerned with significantly more than meets the eye. Also, somehow managing to stray outside of all this sturm und drang, the album holds a different kind of gem of a song yet, in its title track – “I Said To Love” – which finds Bates pitted against a string section for the first time in eons, and … it works too – bitter, bitter sweet, indeed. Wild Planet!

Subway Sun is a great new album. It is available for pre-order right now and will reach us for delivery on the 14th of November. [9] The duo became known for their unconventional instrumentation and arrangements, and for Bates passionate vocals, which at times were howled, whispered, or stammered. In light of this, and appropriately enough, the songs/melodics and sonics of Ink Horn/One Star are seen by the band to be encapsulated within the album’s title, analogous to the inkwell and the quill/horn of the pen – with the written word invoking diverse strands of the creative impulse – the “one star” that is the focal point of creative energies. Limited to 500 copies only, 3-Cd set. Martyn Bates new solo album released Nov. 13th 2012 Unsung (Updated March 19th 2013).

An indiepop classic from a decade ago, only available on sold-out physical media, is now available again, remastered specially for Bandcamp. Cherry Red Records has just re-released the early Eyeless In Gaza albums: Photographs as Memories (1980-81); Caught in Flux (1981); the later Back from the Rains (1985), but most importantly Drumming the Beating Heart (1982) and Pale Hands I Loved So Well (1982). Each program from January 29th to February 5th is sent at 01:00 apart from the first 22:30 and last shows at 21:30.

), Orange Ice & Wax Crayons Cd re-release (Updated February 2nd 2013).

Back then a cassette dropped through our letter box which was virtually the finished tape of their first, highly acclaimed, album ‘Photographs as Memories’.

The physical limited Cd-set includes a fourth bonus download-volume and also contains two books in pdf-format. Nuneaton post punk duo Eyeless in Gaza released their second album ‘Caught In Flux’ in 1981. [‘Passion Flowers’ was actually the name of a song Eyeless did very early in the 80ies.

Cost: £10 + shipping: UK £1, Europe £2, USA/Japan/Australia £3. [6] In 1991 Bates formed Hungry I with former Primitives bassist/guitarist Steve Dullahan.[16][17]. Sex Pistols, Seasick Steve, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Arctic Monkeys, Duffy, Lemmy, Neil Diamond, Judy Collins, My Bloody Valentine, The Specials, Mark E Smith, John Cooper Clark, Paul Weller, Irma Thomas, Genesis, John Martyn, Julian Temple, Jazzy B, Toots Hibbert, Nick Cave ( + ??????

The concert was very good according to people present at the concert. A-Scale accepts orders/reservations directly by sending an e-mail to ( ) – include your name, country and what you want (you can order more copies and other things available from A-Scale at the same time if you wish). (€15.99 + shipping).

Kodak Ghosts Run Amok (1980); 3. ❖ Completed August 2016 recorded at A-Scale studios Warwickshire, the Bates/Becker produced Sun Blues sees Eyeless In Gaza offering a 2016 styled distant cousin to 1982’s classic Pale Hands I Loved So Well. Eyeless In Gaza present a Temple Music evening at Taylor John’s House in Coventry, UK on December 11th (December 20th 2010). Especially Drumming the Beating Heart and Pale Hands I Loved So Well has received a much augmented sound from the previous disappointing CD release and for the first time since the mid-80’s you can now listen to the albums as they were supposed to sound.

Eyeless In Gaza live gig in Coventry, England (updated December 22nd 2009).

✼ At Last/Again Awhile/Shimmering/Unowned Light/I Said to Love/Hallucination/I Am Bound/Softspokenlies/Spring Dresses Winter/All the Lowlands/Ruined Flowers/Riches, Crying Moon/Fight/I Look Back/There & Here ✼, ✼ Martyn Bates: voices/guitars ✼ Elizabeth S.: voice/banjo/second guitar/melodicas/harmonica/drum ✼ Alan Trench: cymbals/string machine/ghost feathers. Creature Box – Eyeless In Gaza & Tactile – Horse Startled by Lightning Cd (Updated February 1st 1999/September 2nd 2007), The Creature Box Cd is now complete and to be titled Horse Startled by Lightning or Three Strange Angels.

There exists some plans about a gig or two in London next year to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Eyeless In Gaza. You do not need a Paypal account to pay. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 5, 2019, Snowflakes in July - EPby Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows, Three renditions of “Snowflakes in July” explore all aspects of the song’s stunning beauty, including a mind-blowing 17-minute live version. Astoundingly, the telepathic intensity between these two multi-instrumentalists continues to generate exceptionally creative results. Martyn Bates is working on an autobiography of Eyeless In Gaza. Eyeless In Gaza don't sound like a band who've been about for 38 years.

The vitality of Eyeless In Gaza is still there as much as ever before. To Read Your Way, 9. .

Martyn Bates gave exclusive live concerts near Brussels (Castle de Feluy (, August 27th) and Paris (Black Dog bar (, August 28th). While Martyn Bates (the other half of Eyeless In Gaza) continued to produce new solo releases, Peter Becker never released any further solo recordings after By Train To the Coast C45 was released on Ambivalent Scale Recordings in 1981.

Pete Becker: wasp synths/bass/drums/e-guitar/drum-machines/fretless bass/vox/ac-guitar/melodica/echo-boxes/uke/percussion/accordion Martyn Bates: vocals/e-guitars/kybds/ac-guitar/string kyds/thumb piano/basswhistle/horn/tackpiano/mouthharp/glockenspiel/percussion/uke. A good example of this would be the quiet, whispering aura of “At Last”, followed with the pummelling, disturbing melee of “Hallucination”. (Comments written by Jerry/webmaster. プロフィール: English pop, post-punk, new wave and songwriter group, formed in 1980, based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Back from the Rains is still a nice warm Summer album. ongoing studio work, writing & recording new Eyeless In Gaza album, re-release of archive set of first 4 albums, part of the, release of triple cd archival retrospective, extensive studio work undertaken throughout the year, recording, Eyeless In Gaza’s music was used in the TV series sequel to Sex & The City entitled.

One more song from the album now on Soundcloud – the opening piece ‘At Last’: Reviews, very good, have been published in the International Times: A Cause for Celebration by Rupert Lloydell and in The Terrascope by Andrew Young. You can listen to the Radio Edit version on their website! Dark Holler still have a few copies remaining from their distribution of the leftover stock of the Ambivalent Scale releases from the now defunct World Serpent label. The action is focused on a minimum of scenes and dialogue, which makes the film comes across as a cut-up collage of photos with music, but still enough to make a story.

Ridiculous idea!

It was an honour to sing this song.”, 1 Ian McCulloch – Suzanne 2 Katie Melua – In My Secret Life 3 Claudine Longet – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye 4 Dion – Sisters of Mercy 5 Linda Thompson – Story of Isaac 6 Eyeless In Gaza – Priests 7 Allison Crowe – Joan of Arc 8 Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Hallelujah 9 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Avalanche 10 Josh Ritter – Chelsea Hotel No.

This still had nothing at all to do with mainstream pop and in many ways this was the peak of the early Eyeless In Gaza. Summer Salt & Subway Sun Double Cd & Triple Cd – Out Now!

Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow (1999); 8. Read reviews of the album in three languages. The ‘mania’ here is that of time passing and experience, of appetite and urge, of perseverance/persistence & determination – a hard-won sense of righteousness at that which must not be allowed to sour. We will then confirm the order and send you a Paypal invoice shortly afterwards. It indeed sounds like the missing 1/3rd of Everyone Feels Like a Stranger.

Eyeless In Gaza live in London on July 21 (Updated July 30th 2012). Dance of Hours, 3. New album – Everyone Feels Like A Stranger OUT NOW Dec 21st, 2011 (Updated April 14th 2012).

Track listings: Cd 1: Egg Box Mask (an eclectic mix of early Eyeless In Gaza recordings – experimental, plus studio recordings 1981-82, mostly), 1 All Echo/2 Lines of Flame/3 You, So Open/4 The Sun-Like-Gold/5 Mythic Language/6 Alms Houses/7 Old Hours, Slow Daybreak/8 Three Nights Running/9 See She Sells, on the Sea Shore, Shells/10 We Shade Our Eyes/11 Quiet Lustre/12 Prayerbook to the Quiet/13 Second Music/14 See the Dark Pools Flash/15 The Rain Dreaming Ship/16 Songs of Coming Winter/17 Autumn Mixes Its Colours/18 Song of a Man Who Has Come Through, Cd 2: Fixation (comprises live recordings by Eyeless In Gaza, 1980-1983 – this is the “noisy” hitherto UNHEARD-on record-side of Eyeless In Gaza’s early work!

The full track-list is: Drum Avant 7/Music for Playgrounds/Faces in the Dark/Eyes Blink (Disco Mix)/Music for the Italian Tourist Board/Forch Funk/Veil (PB Version)/Eyes Blink (Version)/Spider Noise-Ant Noise/By Train to the Coast/Arabesque/Ukrainian Stained Glass/Voyage Across/We Can’t Break the Spell/Aborigine Spirit Dance/Loneliness Disco/Ukrainian Church/Winter Glide/Transatlantic Flight/Distance.

A-Scale are proud to present the new Eyeless In Gaza album Ink Horn/One Star (ASR058). This has caused a big raise for interest in the Eyeless In Gaza MySpace site recently! And where distance and separation somehow connect with a sudden elevation and insight, and link in with an unsettling sense of security within that isolation.

Lol Coxhill performed on one half of the cassette and presented some fine (hilarious perhaps) saxophone improvisations and little tunes.

Morning Singing, 5. For those who want to hear what they could expect from the Creature Box album – a compilation track has just been released. The Cd with the nice booklet is mostly available from sellers in the mentioned countries above.

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