Genesis 1 tells of God's creation of the world and its creatures, with humankind as the last of his creatures: "Male and female created He them, and blessed them, and … However, even in the standard Roman Rite funerals, similar words are said, as prescribed in the rubrics (one of three options) of the Order of Christian Funerals: "In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life Before I go further and interpret verse 7 of Chapter 2, there are some things that you must understand and be quite clear about. Without knowledge of evil, the worth of knowledge of good cannot be comprehended. Hoffman,” he is author of the thriller series The Warwick Files.

translation practice | afar, Bible, Bible translation, dust of the earth, dust of the ground, Genesis 2:7, gi, translation | Genesis 2:9 And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. the Lord make his face to shine upon him/her God Judging Adam, William Blake, 1795. (And, indeed, the KJV goes with “earth” here for afar.). And the Self recalled its true image from the surface of the subconscious, and with the wetness of the rain, the Self formed the image as if forming a clay pot, and the Self animated the image with the wind/breath of its desire, and the image became a living image of the Self, in other words; a living soul. For official apologetics resources please visit, Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. He presents widely to churches, synagogues, and other groups. Have a question or a topic you’d like addressed?

But I guess that’s for another time. (Leviticus 14:40 refers to stones, so both “stones” and afar in 14:42 might refer to that which was discarded.) This is the mystery of there being two versions of man. So, What? unto himself the soul of our dear brother/sister here departed, we Our soul is bowed down to the dust, our belly hath cleaved to the earth (Ps. through our Lord Jesus Christ, Posted by Joel H. | But then in the very next verse, “other stones” and “other afar” are supposed to be used to rebuild the house. What is the Dust of the Ground from which Man is Formed? Genesis 2:8 And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. and give him/her peace. plant the seeds. The word Eden came from the Akkadian word edin based on the Sumerian word eden, meaning Plain. This is possible, though it's also possible that the change of earth's nature after the fall might be part … b. In Numbers 5:17, the priest is instructed to take afar form the floor of the Tabernacle, so again afar seems to be “dirt,” not “dust” Dust would have been swept away as part of regular cleaning (I presume). Dr. Joel M. Hoffman (@JoelMHoffman) is the chief translator for the ten-volume series My People’s Prayer Book, author of And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible’s Original Meaning, and editor of The Unabridged Bible. Additionally, it symbolizes humility. Pre-planets formed close to the center of the disk containing the rocky elements like iron and silica. From Genesis 2:7, we know that it’s something on the ground, but we don’t know what. This topic was automatically closed 14 days after the last reply. Did the Anglicans copy us? I think it is beautiful that these famous words are used in the standard Roman Catholic funeral liturgy. So afar can’t mean “mud” or “clay.” It seems to refer to particles of some sort. Dust shall be the serpent's meat (Isa. (You won’t find “dust” in most English translations here, so if you’re not reading the Hebrew, it’s hard to know that it’s the same word.). 3. a. Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Required fields are marked *, For those readers who wish to study more at their own leisure, I have published my fully interpreted books and my poems which are available on Amazon UK and Amazon US. Click on “About” here or to the far upper right and leave a comment. Nothing had yet grown because the Self had not yet caused it to rain and there was not yet a man to till the ground, i.e. Genesis 13:16, KJV: "And I will make thy seed as the … My soul cleaveth to the dust, quicken Thou me (Ps. Genesis 13:16, ESV: "I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth, so that if one can count the dust of the earth, your offspring also can be counted." A quiet New York City suburb. ". the Lord lift up his countenance upon him/her (I don’t know of any English translation that uses “dust” here.) Doublets Are Part And Parcel of Bible Translation, TEDx Talk: "Bible Translation and the Next Generation".

“Dust” is a possibility, just from this verse, but — again, just from this verse — so is “grass,” “rocks,” “lichen,” “mud,” etc. As an Anglophile, and as someone of British descent, I love the language of the Book of Common Prayer and these words have always intrigued me with their poetic beauty. Why didn’t it melt? earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Create a free website or blog at Genesis 13:16 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Genesis 13:16, NIV: "I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted." bring forth the living creature. Mist forms when warmer air over water suddenly encounters the cooler surface of land. Everything that would bear knowledge was first made in the conscious mind, before it was stored in the subconscious mind. All emails are held in strict confidence.

The Ordinariates established by Pope Benedict XVI have their own Order of Christian Funerals, based off the Book of Common Prayer. How did they end up the same? Writing under “J.M. In the beginning the Self was whole and righteous and its heart was filled with only perfect Love, therefore the Self’s image was pure. Charm or attractiveness that stems from celebrity and tends to forestall criticism: "The relative unknowns ... bring enough style [to the musical] to make up for any perceived lack of stardust" (Charles Isherwood). On Day 6, God said, Let the earth (not the dust!)

Genesis 13:16 helps us a little. Genesis 2:7, according to the KJV, has the creation of man “from the dust of the ground.” But why “dust”? A better way to put it would be: they continued using many of the prayers that they had been using before they separated from Rome.

The Self’s problem of maintaining its original image and righteousness was solved by projection. The serpent would be uniquely cursed in comparison to all other animals on earth. Genesis 18:27 is helpful in a different way. The Self would now project its feelings through that alter ego, and attribute all of the Self’s thoughts and actions including choices, to be those of its alter ego. (The full phrase is “afar and efer.” I’ve explained elsewhere that the English “dust and ashes” doesn’t do justice to the repetition of sounds in afar and efer: “Doublets Are Part And Parcel of Bible Translation.”) I Samuel 2:8 emphasizes the connotation of lowliness: God “raises the poor from afar, lifts up the needy from the trash.” And the vivid imagery of Isaiah repeatedly uses afar to represent humility. Is this just poetic symmetry? The Bible Doesn’t Say That: 40 Biblical Mistranslations, Misconceptions, and Other Misunderstandings. to the mighty working, whereby he is able to subdue all things to

Their Order reads as follows: "Then, as the coffin is lowered into the grave, the celebrant says: Forasmuch as it hath pleased almighty God of his great mercy to take Over billions of years, the pre-planets supposedly collided with one another or stuck together through gravitational attraction. The conscience therefore arises to protect the Self’s original image and its righteousness. Was Haman Hanged or Impaled in the Book of Esther? But next we look at Genesis 26:15, which explains that the Philistines had filled Abram’s wells with afar. The Greek gi also means “(the entire) Earth,” a usage we find, for instance, in Genesis 6:11. The conscience causes feelings of guilt when the Self remembers its original righteousness and compares it to what it has done or is about to do. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me direct on my email: This latter possibility is consistent with Leviticus 14:45, where houses seem to be made of “wood, stones, and afar.” Or, perhaps, is the idea here that new stones, wood, and dirt are supposed to gathered, and then worked in the way that stones, wood and dirt usually are? There had to be a way for the Self to protect its righteousness while walking the path between good and evil. The meaning of life is to pursue and experience pleasure by acquiring knowledge and understanding, while retaining ones sense of righteousness, and domination over all that would challenge the Self’s … It was the stored image that would become the Self’s alter ego, i.e. therefore commit his/her body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to Does this mean that all serpents or this particular species of serpent had legs before this time? There we see afar used as a metaphor of humility.

The Self’s conscience was only a part of this, a part of protecting its original image. Genesis 2:4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. The first is made of the substance of Heaven, and the second is a remembrance made of the substance of the earth. 47:1). God Didn’t Say That (@GodDidntSayThat) is an online forum for discussing the Bible and its translations, mistranslations, interpretations, and misinterpretations.

dust (stär′dŭst′) n. 1. And out the subconscious mind, the Self’s desire made to grow every tree of knowledge that bore the fruit of the light of understanding, and was good for food for the soul; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden (which is the tree of wisdom), and the tree of knowledge of good and evil which revealed knowledge of how to obtain pleasure from doing what was righteous and what was not righteous. That serpent and all of those to follow would crawl on the ground, unable to avoid eating the dust of the earth, from that point forward. Only the seeds of the trees of knowledge were planted in the garden.
In English, we usually call that “dirt.”, So I think Genesis 2:7 should read, “The Lord God formed man from the dirt of the ground.”, May 6, 2011 And here we see the problem with “dust” for afar, because one would use “dirt,” not “dust,” to plug up a well. Or does afar also metonymically refer to “plaster,” made from earth and water? New replies are no longer allowed. The meaning of life is to pursue and experience pleasure by acquiring knowledge and understanding, while retaining ones sense of righteousness, and domination over all that would challenge the Self’s authority and righteousness. 119:25). Planets (like earth) began to slowly form as the dust particles stuck to one another. ), And in II Samuel 16:13, we see that afar can be flung along with rocks, again arguing for “dirt” and not “dust.”, Similarly, afar is a common image in Job, and there the word is frequently translated “earth.”, But “dirt” or “earth” isn’t quite right, either, because afar isn’t limited to what’s on the ground. It pleases me that these famous lines are now in use almost word for word in the Ordinariates for former Anglicans. When it encounters the dry cooler surface of the subconscious mind it condenses and forms mist, which is the spirit of emotion. There we read that Abram’s descendants will be like the afar on the earth, so that if the … I watch a lot of British television, so have heard these words many times.

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