Last modified March 11, 2017, It’s distinguished serial durdhara is the first wife of chandra Gupta, Your email address will not be published. Princess Alice falls in love with Prince Karthikey of Champanagar and wishes to marry him. Nandini and he makes her his queen again. Your email address will not be published. I will be paying attention to some of the nuances of that era and that character with the body language of a warrior princess, which will soon require me to learn sword fighting and horse riding. Chandra is living like an ascetic after Nandini's unexpected death.
The photo may be fake, but the problem is real. According to the text and documents, Durdhara ate poisonous food meant for Chandragupta Maurya when she was nine month pregnant. [27], India Today quoted the series as more masala, less history and reviewed, "The creators of the show have taken generous amount of creative liberty with the original story or history. Hmm, so According to serial Chandra Nandni :- Chandragupta first sees Helena when he managed to gets into … Chandra is now the father of Durdhara's son Bindusara while Helena is the Chief Empress of Magadh. 0. (2017), Athar Siddiqui as Bheem Dev - Mohini's husband. View More Replies... View more comments #15 Bear Chasing A Cycler. It is available in 576i (SDTV) and 1080i (HDTV) picture formats. It is then revealed that this man is a sorcerer and he along with his wife Mohini ,put black magic on Chandra to separate him and Nandini. How to Meet Cricketers Personally                           Cricket is... 2 Broke Girls Cast Real Names with Photographs, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Take Vows in an Intimate Ceremony, Adele to Host Saturday Night Live, Confirms TV Comeback, Cardi B Twitter Account Deactivated Due to Toxic Fans, Says She Isn’t Ariana, Five reasons to become a voice-over actor, How to Meet Aamir Khan Personally and Face to Face, 3 Solutions on How to Meet Mukesh Ambani Personally, How to Meet Aditya Thackeray Personally In 3 Simple Ways. Bindusara along with Chaaya's son Bhadraketu, Helena's children Alice and Adonis are all grown up. Chandra reaches to Magadh and meets a teacher named Chanakya who tries to save Magadh from Nanda. Discover our collection of amateur porn pics and enjoy 100% homemade photos with sexy babes and hot couples showing genuine passion.

When she was asked about her death at her last time she mistakenly pointed at Nandini while pointing at Helena.Everyone becomes shocked at Durdhara’s response. We hope that the details and information on Chandra Nandni Cast Real Names with Photographs will be useful to all fans and viewers around the world. All images taken from the TV shows. Alexander the Great real name is Alexx O’Nell A princess (cameo) real name is Shikha Singh Young Chandragupta real name is Jineet Rath Young Nandini real name is Angel Rupchandani Child Kevarth real name is Siddharth Tamboli Child Dhanand real name is Sudhanshu Agarwal. [4],, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 July 2020, at 12:33. Nandini exposes Vishaka and the Vishkanya is imprisoned. Later, Helena's mother Apama slow poisons Nandini. The character of Nandni is that of a strong princess, whose emotions and struggles, every woman would resonate with. Ask. Right from the costume to the setting, one can expect grand locations and beautifully decked men and women."[29].

Durdhara was the wife of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the 4th-century BCE Maurya Empire of ancient India, according to the 12th century CE Jain text Parishishtaparvan by Hemachandra.
[21][22] The series ended in 10 November 2017, due to fluctuations in its viewership, with Chandragupta becoming a Buddhist monk. Required fields are marked *. Durdhara loved Chandragupta very much, even though he was the biggest enemy of her father and was due to the collapse of her family. [23] The shooting of the series was completed on 2 November 2017.[24]. However, little is known about his personal life including his marriage.

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