EOD Operators and Technicians had to adapt to rapidly evolving methods of constructing improvised explosive devices ranging from shrapnel-filled explosive belts to 100 kg bombs. Barker used the device operationally for the first time in Northern Ireland during a visit there to demonstrate their prototype to George Styles and his team. The guidance is aimed at those responsible for: It is also aimed at professional explosive users, such as: The guidance will also be of interest to dutyholders, regulatory authorities, the emergency services and others who may be called upon to manage the disposal of explosives or explosives contaminated waste such as: One of the main causes of accidents in the explosives industry is the disposal of explosives waste. As such are given responsibilities relevant to their roles when it comes to conventional weapons; US EOD covers both on- and off-base calls in the US unless there is a local PSBT or "Public Safety Bomb Technician" who can handle the bomb; ordnance should only be handled by the EOD experts. The purpose is for example to determine if a chemical charge is present or to check the status of the detonator. Destroying deteriorated industrial explosives by burning is an activity which requires a licence or certificate issued by ERD. Technicians will don specialized protective suits, using flame and fragmentation-resistant material similar to bulletproof vests. In many of these cases, it can be assumed that the loss of a machine represented the saving of an EOD man's life. Before bombing ranges can be reutilized for other purposes, these ranges must be cleared of all unexploded ordnance. In addition to neutralizing munitions or bombs, conducting training and presenting evidence, EOD Technicians and Engineers also respond to other problems. In the United States, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) is a specialized technical area in military and law enforcement.[14][15][16].

Scientists and technical staff responded by devising methods and equipment to render them safe, including the work of Eric Moxey.[8]. The problem of UXBs was further complicated when Royal Engineer bomb disposal personnel began to encounter munitions fitted with anti-handling devices e.g. General Requirements, Prohibitions and Safety Precautions In other parts of the country, the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional develop their tasks within their own abilities, with the exception of Mossos d'Esquadra in Catalonia (where the situation is the same as in the Basque Country). Whilst residents living nearby were being evacuated and the EOD personnel were preparing to disarm the bomb, it detonated, killing three of them and injuring 6 others.

Further information on discarding and disposal of explosives can be found in L150-overarching guidance –safety provisions.

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