Mostly, we discontinue: just remove those product pages and discontinue the product entirely. – you can still use a feature being desupported. Portuguese/Portugal / Português/Portugal Microsoft is going to deprecate the Windows Store for Business and Store for Education, my contacts say, as the company works to undo past Windows 10 app-distribution mistakes. You’re not obligated to upgrade that. Hebrew / עברית Multi-channel meter WB-MAP3H . Is your SQL Server running slow and you want to speed it up without sharing server credentials? SQL Server Profiler provides functionality to monitor the “Deprecation” event, which contains: You can learn more using the links towards the end of the post.
In the Database Upgrade Guide we clearly explain what deprecated means: So for you it means just be aware that we don’t further develop or enhance something. All Rights Reserved. Or to name another example, Oracle Restart, which is deprecated for some time – but still not desupported. French / Français

Slovak / Slovenčina English / English There are a lot of tools and technologies around us, but it is rare that I find teams using these tools religiously and to the best of their potential. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Both breaking changes and behaviour changes result in different or unexpected results after upgrading to a new version of SQL Server, potentially causing code to break. I am on vacation so generally avoid technical reading but by looking at the subject i tempted to read this and now thinking this is worth reading…. Upgrade Advisor cannot analyze desktop applications or encrypted stored procedures.

The problem is some of our databases are hot/hot and use streams and advanced replication. Ever since SQL Server 2005 was announced, Microsoft provides a small, very light-weight tool called the “SQL Server upgrade advisor”. It wasn’t selling enough units that it makes sense for us to update it or make a new version. We have no current plans to create a new version of this product.

is that obsolete is obsolete, deprecated (computing) while discontinued is permanently no longer available or in production. Let’s discuss the difference between deprecated and discontinued features, and explain how this affects database administrators looking to move to SQL Server 2016 or newer.

Over the lifetime of that SQL Server 2019 instance we can gradually adopt newer features in our database, and increase the compatibility level until we get to 150. Again the Database Upgrade Guide clarifies the term: “By desupported, we mean that Oracle will no longer fix bugs related to that feature and may remove the code altogether”. But, it would be worth-while to identify a few basic steps in order to make your database compliant with the next version of SQL Server: Remember this: Change management is a continuous process.

Either way, these underlying changes can affect our code. Nakul presented a webcast on the “Underappreciated Features of Microsoft SQL Server” at the Microsoft Virtual Tech Days Exclusive Webcast series (May 02-06, 2011) on May 06, 2011. Deprecated ones we have no current intention of updating, label the web page as such, but do still have a page for and store presence (ScanFont, BitFonter).

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