Granted, if you look at it a certain way, it looks like it says “Deathspew.” But the irony is that our list's most legible logo belongs to its most inscrutable band. Metal is one of the most notorious and controversial music genres out there. In 1991, the singer, Per “Dead” Ohlin (left above) committed suicide. Dino, the group’s drummer, is famous for drumming naked. Richard David James, known as Aphex Twin, has made himself one of the most terrifying icons of electronic music. They plugged in, they turned on, the kale salads and drugs flowed freely.

The band later went on to recreate the concert for their video “Carving a Giant.”. This list is more about those types of lead singers, musicians and performers who pushed the envelope, who engaged in and practiced cultural taboos as a part of experiencing their music in person. On the day of his death, he was midway through a show when the power was cut. The current Shining is actually the second band of the same name. Gaahl and other Gorgoroth members have been arrested for violent crimes, kidnapping, torture, and Gaahl actively vocalizes his support of church burning. GG was without a doubt a legend. Bear in mind that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. Probably the less we know about this band, the better. The band DJ, Sid Wilson (Ratboy), once defecated in his studio during a live radio interview. Johnny Rotten is still around. Unfortunately for her career as a musician, most of her antics and depravity happened off stage. Which they did, every night. In a way, Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault started this trend, when he sent a joke demo to labels, with his dog on vocals. The only reason she’s not higher on the list is because she retired from punk rock to rehabilitate animals, later killing herself via gunshot to the head. It seems like the myth was always bigger than the man, stories like Manson removing his rib so he could give himself some mouth love was on the tips of every high schooler’s tongue in the late 90s.
There are also reports that Euronymous put part of Dead’s brain in his stew and made a necklace with parts of the skull. The name’s a giveaway; Sleepytime Gorilla Museum present their nightmarish surrealist prog metal with a distinctively demented visual style and a wide array of custom-built instrumentation, including the Tangularium, pedal action wiggler and Electric Pancreas.

The performers highlighted in this list were deliberately trying to make people uncomfortable through subversion. To this day his music videos have some of the most haunting imagery ever shown on late night MTV (back when they used to actually show music videos). A breathtakingly out-of-order exercise in proto-trolling that still provokes anger, terror, nausea and headaches after 35 years. This wild bunch of Japanese experimentalists wear giant shrimp masks with light-up eyes onstage, like a demented underwater Slipknot, while their leader plays bass guitar attached to a tripod … and they’re just the tip of the extreme iceberg. Some of them lived up to these personas in real life, and some were actually very nice fellows when the music stopped. Thank you for signing up to Classic Rock.

These experts of symphonic black metal have spent 25 years perfecting an occultist blend of dark metal and classical instrumentation. We’ll all just have to stand by and see what this guy does next. At one point, they were even banned from performing anywhere within Los Angeles. This Olympia, Washington-based black metal band with mystical leanings took the sound of Weakling and tweaked it in more personal directions. Now we’re starting to get into some of the heavier guys. Another band member, Corey Taylor, aka The Sickness, is also known for inhaling the odors of dead animals he keeps in a jar just to induce vomiting during shows.

The band never confirmed being gang members, but the brother of their former bassist Louiche Mayorga is known to have been member of Venice 13. © It may seems tame in retrospect, but Black Sabbath was one of the first bands to introduce the heavy use of occult and horror ideals into their lyrics. She’s often the butt of jokes and makes up the tail end of this list for being equal parts Yoko, equal parts Paris Hilton.

With Halloween tonight, many people will be listening to novelty classics like “The Monster Mash” in order to get in the mood. There will never be anyone like GG.
Jello wins extra points for hating Hitler spawn, but maybe that’s because he knows that only Bowie can get away with embracing Nazism – it was the cocaine, not Bowie, dammit! These Ladybirds could actually play, in a garage rock fashion. This simple yet inscrutable logo for a word that doesn't exist belongs to one of the more deeply creepy bands in the genre. Bush complained, and the FBI added Ice-T (who founded the band) to its National Threat List. Satanic spectacle, animal heads skewered by stakes, and a women’s fashion line are all synonymous with Gaahl. In California in May 2003, Jason Lamar Harris and Amber Rose Riley stabbed Terry Ray Taylor to death before cutting his throat. Going to a GWAR concert was essentially entering an unsaid agreement that you would be seeing some good old fashioned spectacle and surrender yourself to the show, which was a fine-crafted assault on mainstream American media. Their spooky organ-driven psych still exudes mad, orgiastic authenticity. Apparently, one of the band worked in a mental hospital and somehow got permission.

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