A “mytho-poetic” view (to use an academic term that does NOT mean “never occurred in any sense”) is also possible. I find it incredibly ironic that so many of your prophecy peets hold you in such high regard because of things like your teaching on “the divine council” etc., but yet when it comes to the testimonies of people like Hamlett, who have ENGAGED. Notice that Joshua and Caleb do not deny the report. ", Players in the National Basketball Association since the 1985–86 season facts:  The NBA peaked in height during the 1986–87 season, when the average height was. Sims has plenty of physical trace evidence. (“I want to believe there are aliens and I was in the military, so my wish must be factual reality”). Do u dismiss the reailty of the “NWO agenda” altogether? The thought even crossed my mind before I hit the send button, but what the heck, can’t live in fear of idiocy. Therefore to calculate King Og’s weight we need the cube of 2.5 which is 15.625. Put another way, most (and perhaps all, depending on how occult writers reference the Bible) of what is said by Christian researchers in defense of this idea I can show you was also said in a wide range of occult thinkers’ writings since the later 19th century. UFO Sightings – You Tube I don’t believe in magic I believe in action. We last turn to the church father, Tertullian, who wrote that the giants’ bodies were still around in his day. From my experience, most Christians reject the existence of Nephilim altogether, not based on what the scripture actually says, but simply because the idea as a whole is offensive and repugnant to them. I fail to see how something tracking with new age etc. We ask the questions and try to answer them. I think that either/or is not the right attitude about this are they physical or are they demons? , HAHAHA! So we would expect remains somewhere. No I am simply stating that like you said, you refuse to believe. Nor were the ancient Israelites significantly shorter than today and thus upon seeing men over six or seven feet they thought them to be giants as some liberal theologians would suggest! The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. Once people DO THERE HOMEWORK they will realize that we have been lied to. The manuscript for The Portent still sits at 90% done. I suggest that maybe Gobekli Tepe is a pre Flood city, the sand and dirt burial of it being flood caused, not deliberate, of course this is something present day irreligious scientists wouldn’t even think of. I simply have a higher threshold for valid argumentation and source credibility. If you can find the BOOK OF ENOCH, read it and it will open up your world so much! How does that make any sense?
Could this be the FAKED ALIEN INVASION we have been talking about or are they part of what Jesus (Yashua) referred to as the forces that bring us the “End Time Delusion of Mankind.” Are these the objects the Jesuits are observing from their Vatican Observatory in Arizona? The Angelic Domain: Created Before Genesis 1:1 or After? The word aron that you pointed out is not exclusive to sarcophogus but is the same word used for the ark of the covenant.

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yet it came FROM aliens.

How do i possibly attempt to encapsulate all which runs completely counter to such wishful thinking…? Anybody that actually believes this guy should be ashamed of themselves. We all grew up listening to misinformation, disinformation and lies about fundamental issues that are critical to understanding the BIGGER PICTURE. To get some perspective on his size, try to imagine him standing in your living room. Hence the word conveys the idea of superior excellence, delight, purity & c….Celestial, n. An inhabitant of heaven.” The point being that angels have ‘celestial bodies’, they need not ‘walk through dry places’ nor ‘enter into a herd of swine’, and those who fell with Satan, though evil, remain angels.
However, these measurements are illogical in light of the sons of Seth and daughters of man theory because a godly person and a non-godly person will not have children 15 feet tall!

It is not that you don’t have good information some of the times but it is YOU WHO IS THE ONE DISTORTING THE DATA. [vii].

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